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Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes, I know this isn't the most timely of game-day reports but I've had a busy day doing a whole lot of nothing. Thank you, Christopher Columbus. I have honored your legacy well today. You discovered a new land. I managed to do a load of laundry and boil two eggs.

Yesterday's game wasn't pretty, but the day sure was. Weather just doesn't get any nicer. It led to an unusual amount of eating, along with the customary high level of drinking (although almost none from me, perhaps a first). As for the Jets, the offense couldn't be called crisp. At times, it was actually somewhat ugly. But a win's a win, even if His Holiness wasn't exactly on the money.

But here's what was on the money - my view of our QB. My friend Mikey, who sits behind us, brought his binoculars. He watched the action. During breaks, I would watch Favre. Highly entertaining. It was like sitting across the room from him. This was essentially my view...

During one such moment, while the dancing hos known as the Jets Flight Crew were gyrating in the end zone, he was tapping his feet along with the music, which I found highly amusing.

This is just about the time a Jets fan can start to get in trouble. Gang Green is 3-2 and it's reasonable to think they could be 5-2 in two weeks, with the Raiders and Chiefs next up on the schedule. Thoughts of the playoffs start to dance in the head, and that is just getting way ahead of oneself...

As if we hadn't enjoyed a fine enough day, given the weather and the win, we decided to extend the merriment and dine at my favorite restaurant. We bellied up to the bar and watched the Cowboys-Cardinals game while enjoying meat and Guinness, as Sinatra played in the background. An excellent end to a lovely day.

About the only other thing I accomplished today was a good deal of writing and reading, including a bunch of old Sports Illustrated issues. I came across an article that mentioned the 1980 USA hockey team, which was named the SI Athletes of the Year for their accomplishments in Lake Placid. So I went to the SI Vault and found the original article, which is quite lengthy but an excellent read.


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