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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last night, I watched a 93-year-old legend captivate a jazz club with music and a solid dose of shtick. It was fantastic. If I happen to live to be 93 (so unlikely), I hope I'm still tossing around shtick and salty language. The musical talent is obviously out of the question.

This video purports to be from 1997, but the scene was essentially the same last night at the Iridium...


After a brief hiatus, I have apparently resumed sending myself wacky e-mails at work. Excellent news - we have a challenger to "Make her grotto wet of pleasure" for top honors in the self-spamming contest...

Today's offerings:

-not sissy, but real man
-your value arises so high
-another size, another life
-you see, they like large ones
-your strength is your length

and my new favorite...

-more man's meat for laughable money

Hey, if I'm going to be spammed, at least amuse me. Well played.


Casa Magnolia has served as my home base for 12 years. When I moved in, the trees in front of my abode were small and insignificant. Over the years, they have grown to the size whereby they completely block the front of my building, which thus cannot be seen from the parking lot. I could dance naked on the patio and no one would have known, so protected was the front of my building. Not that I utilize that option, of course, but it's nice to have.

Upon my arrival home this evening, it took me 0.06 seconds to realize the large tree that stood between my patio and the parking lot was no more.

I'll take a better look tomorrow, as it was dark when I arrived home. But I'm pretty sure I don't like this development.


I rented "Tropic Thunder," which was amusing (of course, I fell asleep, which should never be considered a barometer of anything since I doze off watching everything except sporting events). After viewing, I visited IMDB to see how long it has been since Tom Cruise appeared in a movie I really enjoyed. He is absolutely hilarious in "Tropic Thunder."

For the record, the last time I enjoyed a Tom Cruise picture was the year I moved into Casa Magnolia - 1996, "Jerry Maguire."


I found a box of Good & Fruity in the candy aisle of a discount store. Such a rare find. Why is it you can find Good & Plenty everywhere, but Good & Fruity remains so elusive?


Apparently, all the kids are posting old photos of themselves and their friends on Facebook. Not one to miss a hot trend, I'll be doing so over the next few days. I can't wait to pull out some of the old pics - back when I had big, brown, curly hair. That should come as quite a shock for my Facebook friends who have only known me in the 21st century...


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