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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Despite some lackluster attendance at the gym recently and nutritional days like Sunday, where I ate a sausage and cheese sandwich for breakfast; a burger, Doritos, pepperoni, cookies and four Guinness for lunch; and a steak, fries and another Guinness for dinner, I remain in relatively decent shape and fairly flexible thanks to yoga.

But I assure you, if I were to attempt what this hearty lass does at the end of this video, I would seriously injure a number of body parts:

The saucy e-mails I'd been sending myself at work had temporarily subsided but have returned with a vengeance...

-Ram her twice longer
-Use ancient love powers
-Doctor Pickle
-up to skies sizable
-give your wang more meat
-your shaft'll look like a skyscraper
-Does Chunk need upsurge?
-Make Love Log grow
-mass kidnapping
-had one pilulle and acted champion-like
-good head by celeb
-proved facts of male body improvements
-digg it deeper in to her
-key of massive pole's located not too far

And this one, sent along by a friend:
-Your love torch won't blow out‏

I can only hope that within the next week I'll kick it up a notch and start to give these a holiday theme.

Speaking of this festive season, the annual holiday merriment started last night with an outing with several friends from work. We went to an outstanding establishment fairly close to the office. How I have worked there for eight years and never been to this joint was a source of confusion to the others in our party and an embarrassment to me. It's a wonderful place that featured, among other things, properly poured Guinness and incredibly tasty mac and cheese. I will be returning.

As a sidebar, there are few things I enjoy more than happy hour with good friends. I didn't enjoy driving home in a snowstorm after the outing, but it was worth it.

Finally, I think today is the day the NFL will announce whether the Jets-Dolphins game next weekend gets flexed to the night game. Should that happen, which I'm certain it will, you will be able to hear my crying and moaning no matter where you are.


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