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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The good folks at The Big Lead brought a gem of a web site into my life last week: This is why you're fat. As far as I'm concerned, web sites do not get much better.

That I have an affinity for culinary crap no doubt helps my enjoyment of this site and I have to admit that some of the things on this web site look terrific. Personally, I would most likely eat some of the dessert items, such as the Deep Fried S'more on a Stick or 60-pound Rice Krispie treat.

My brother, who eats almost anything, really enjoys this site. He estimated he would eat 90 percent of the items featured, including the Garbage Plate and Loosiana Gator Dog. Our favorite was the Meat Ship. Just click on the link. You won't regret it. Be sure to take note of the hot dog rudder.

That is not to say these are all winners. Some are awful. In particular, people do some terrible things with bacon. And this is just wrong.

The full archive of artery-blocking wonderment can be found here.

But "This is why you're fat" is not the only new addition to the list of Geniuses...

Back in the day, I was friendly with a girl named Kelly - she lived around the corner and we played hoops together and attended a shady basketball camp in the Poconos one summer. Then I went to public high school and she went to Catholic school and we completely lost touch. For about 25 years.

Then Facebook (and some classic photos of us with highly questionable mid-80s hairstyles - Annie-perm for me; a tail for her) brought us back together. It didn't take long for me to realize that she is one of the funniest human beings I know. Not a giggle or witty anecdote here or there funny. Sides hurting, worried about wetting myself funny. And now, she has a blog.

Her 2008 Christmas letter, which she actually distributed, will give you a nice glimpse into why I almost pulled something due to laughter while conversing with her earlier this week. It has also provided an inspiration and I assure you I'll be stealing that idea later this year.

These two additions were part of a minor overhaul to Wine by the Color. You might notice that a new category has been added - Sleeping Geniuses. I am not giving up on these five bloggers completely, but considering that their last post dates were Nov. 4, Sept. 22, July 16, June 2 and Feb. 13 (of last year), I don't expect much from them anytime soon.


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