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Sunday, February 01, 2009

I was essentially computer-free for 10 days and have spent most of the day catching up on e-mail and internet reading. A few friends sent along some links while I was away, to keep me abreast of important news, which I greatly appreciate...

-Herm fired. Does this mean his Coors Light commercial featuring "You play to win the game" will air during tonight's game?

-Four people sent me this letter of complaint to Virgin Airlines. Splendid. I thank you all.

-New Jersey - The Hidden State of Culture. Excellent.

-A snowy Script Ohio. Love it. Inspiring.

And here are a few things I found while reading 10 days worth of the Internet today...

-A very good question from NJ Monthly Magazine: Who's Covering New Jersey?

-An interview with Le Anne Screiber.

-I used to read Bill Simmons religiously. I even exchanged a few e-mails with him several years ago. I don't read him as much anymore but am very happy I came across this one. A warning: grab a tissue.

By the way, the number of Freecycle e-mails waiting for me? 1,717.

Vacation chatter, including an obscene number of photos, to come soon. Here's a preview, a shot of a friend I made in the Dominican Republic...


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