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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We knew it wouldn't take long for my younger nephew, who started kindergarden last week, to find trouble. Apparently he was a little boisterous on the bus today and the driver had to put him and his buddies in separate seats. When my sister-in-law asked about it, his response was: "it's the fifth day on the bus, can't a guy have his dreams!"

That kid really needs his own television show...


I always thought there were a few things I would never, ever do. High on that list?

-eat raw fish
-fall for someone who supports the other NY baseball team

And lo and behold, here I am, eating sushi and dating a Yankee fan.

Funny what love can do.

Last week, the Captain and I headed to see our first game in the new Yankee Stadium. He is a huge Yankee fan and I admit to having an interest in checking out the new stadium, so off we went. The weather forecast called for rain but what we got was a beautiful, crisp September night.

The stadium is nice, although I was amazed by how many empty seats there were, even with Derek Jeter chasing history. When I told my older nephew that we went to the game, he replied, "But tickets are so expensive!" He has an incredible amount of random information in his 8-year-old head.

We were seated in right field, which made this sign interesting:

I can understand the threat of balls but it would have to be a wild scene for a bat to wind up in that section.

Anyway, despite being surrounded by supporters of the Yankees, I managed to enjoy myself. Perhaps it was the company...

Derek Jeter entered the game three hits shy of Lou Gehrig's all-time Yankees record of 2,721. Jeter had gone 0-12 in the three games prior to this one so I didn't think we had much chance of seeing the record fall.

But alas, after starting the bottom of the first with a first-pitch bunt, he tied the record several innings later...

In the top of the ninth, he had a chance to break the record but earned a walk, setting off a robust chorus of boos from the crowd...

We were seated fairly close to the enormous television in the outfield, which provided quite the view of Jeter being interviewed after the game:

On our way out of the stadium, a very happy Yankee fan paused to take a photo with the new hits co-leader.

All in all, a rather nice night in the Bronx. But no need for my Mets brethern to worry - I'm not switching teams. Just being a supportive girlfriend.


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