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Monday, September 21, 2009

A quick note before I hit the shower and head to work...

I made it to boot camp this morning but it wasn't easy. I got in and out of bed three times before I finally decided I needed to go, thanks to yesterday's culinary folly. Which I mean in the best possible way.

The fine folks at the Jets Blog continue to do a terrific job recapping the games and yesterday's was a real joy.

Of course, for veteran Jets’ fans, the last 28 minutes of regulation were sheer torture. Most stood by their televisions or hugged their neighbors at the stadium and expected another Brady-Belichick miracle.

But, it never came.


What can I say. Last week was a thing of beauty. This week was Giselle Bundchen. It’s fun to be a Jet fan these days.

Ok, off to work...


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