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Monday, November 23, 2009

I know the hot thing for this holiday season is sending e-Cards but I am not a fan. Call me an anti-environmentalist who loves killing trees and paying high postage fees, but I really enjoy sending and receiving holiday cards. I send e-mails all year long. For me, this is an opportunity to send a personal piece of mail. Who doesn't enjoy opening the mail box throughout December to find a greeting with a handwritten note from a friend?

(As a sidebar, I got a card in the mail this weekend and was momentarily stunned to have received a Christmas card prior to the annual festival of turkey, but it turned out to be a Thanksgiving photo card from friends of their incredibly adorable little boy and I exhaled a sigh of relief.)

Anyway, you know what I will NOT be sending out this year? This...

This suggestion was helpfully sent to me by the company that photographed the five-miler I ran Memorial Day weekend, under the subject header "tis the season to order your Holiday Cards!" Yes. This is the message I want to send. You can barely tell it's me in the back right of the photo but if you can figure that out, you will also note I'm sweaty and lumbering along, my shorts look like they're falling off and I'm getting dusted around the corner by what seems to be a teenager.

Call me crazy, but this does not scream "Happy Holidays" to me.


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