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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some of my favorite Jersey peeps gathered last night to usher in a new era ... the new Meadowlands Stadium. Bon Jovi was on hand to christen the stadium, and they did an outstanding job doing so.

Due to some hearty pre-concert tailgating in searing temperatures...

it was dark by the time we entered the stadium so I can't really offer a review of the new joint. I do know the beers were good and cold. But while looking at some photos online today, I did notice this...

Given that the news of the 2014 Super Bowl was just announced Tuesday, they certainly didn't waste any time getting the signage up in the new digs.

And the old stadium is still standing. Part of it, anyway. We were pleased to see section 331 is still standing, as is the circular walkway at Gate D. Apparently, they are saving the best for last.


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