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Monday, July 26, 2010

Look. It's not that I don't want to entertain you with my witty observations. I've just been very, very busy. Today marked my first appearance in the office since June 30. I have piles and mail and laundry to deal with at Casa Magnolia, where I've stayed roughly four nights in the past six weeks. I had more clothes in my car when I got home this morning then I did in my closet.

I hope to post daily this week to share what's been keeping me so busy and detailing my cross-country travels. Until then, let's check and see how the home search is going.

Meaning, let's look at some more bad rooms from houses in central Jersey. And there are PLENTY from which to choose...

This isn't a room so much as the design of the house. One can only aassume they have a very tall vehicle. And is that a room above it? If so, it can only be accessed by midgets.

It's hard to see, but the wallpaper in this room is shiny blue and some sort of gold lame. Call me crazy but I don't think this room was decorated in this century.

I have no words for this mess of a bedroom. Deep pink carpet, yellow and blue curtains, white room-dividing screens. Wood on the ceilings. Who would do this?

This is a sad, sad bathroom...

This is a cute blue house. I can't tell you what it looks like on the inside, because eight of the nine photos in the house's gallery are exterior views of the cute blue house. The ninth is a photo of the sign welcoming visitors to the town. So I can only imagine what's going on inside this hut. The listing does include the words "Bring your imagination!" That can't be a good sign.

This house actually has some really nice features and we might go look at it. But as we are people who enjoy our adult beverages, this staircase has "frequent trips to the ER" written all over it.

(and yes, I noticed all the trophies on the floor next to the Star Wars pinball machine. That speaks for itself - I couldn't possibly add anything to that.)

On the flip side, I do not have any problem with this room. In fact, I wonder if I know this person - they have Ohio State, Jets and Springsteen memorabilia throughout the room. Clearly good people...

I actually went to an open house a few weeks ago. The house was a three bedroom, 1.5 bath home in a town that's high on our list - an ideal location. The house was small but had some nice features. It also had some less-than-desirable features. For instance, check out this charming back porch. What you can't see is that the home's washer and dryer are in a closet that is only accessible via the back porch. Which means if it's raining or snowing and you want to do laundry, you'd better bring an umbrella.

The house also featured a master bathroom that did not have a shower or tub, and bedrooms so small that there would not be room for the bed.

So yes, the search continues...


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