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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So the Captain and I have been engaged for five weeks and have accomplished ... absolutely, positively nothing. We've really just been enjoying being engaged. I'm not much for stress and it seems like planning a wedding has the potential to be very stressful.

We also don't have a clue as to what we want to do, other than get married and have a big, fun party. The word Vegas has been mentioned more than once, as have options like Vermont, Atlantic City and a cruise. We've also discussed a January or February timeframe, which means we really should get cracking.

I got an email from Marriott the other day and this was the photo they used to advertise Mexican and Caribbean resorts. Unfortunately I can't figure out where this is, but this seems like it would a sweet spot for a wedding.

I have purchased five bridal magazines, which contain a variety of utterly useless information. We usually try to hit the wine before we read anything, to make their ridiculous tips seem amusing.

I've also been looking at wedding dresses online, which has replaced house shopping as my favorite time waster. Last night I looked at dresses while the Captain tended to other important matters (fantasy football is actually a higher priority for us right now; we desperately need some wide receivers). There are some truly horrible wedding dresses out there. The Captain provided some wonderful commentary as he looked over my shoulder...

"Is she supposed to be a bat?"

"She looks like a lampshade. An ugly one."

"Is that rubber?"

"I am Batwoman."

"I think I saw that on Star Trek."

"Is she supposed to be a bell?"

and my personal favorite...

"What the hell is that?"

We quickly returned to looking for wide receivers...


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