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Sunday, September 27, 2009

When I awoke very early this morning, the sound of heavy rain outside sent me back under the covers for another hour. I figured since I was going to spend the next seven hours in the rain, there was no need to waste time taking a shower.

Although today's soggy weather was not ideal, it was at least 30 degrees warmer than last year's brutally frigid WetFest, which made today seem much more tolerable.

Of course, the biggest difference is today the New York Jets beat the Titans to run their record to 3-0, which no one (and I mean not a single one of us) could have seen coming. Unusual behavior was afoot - Jets' fans optimistically speaking of possible home playoff games in January; a general lack of hostility directed at opposing fans and the referees; Gang Green's rookie quarterback recklessly hurtling his body down the field and across the goal line...

All in all, it's a rather nice time to be a Jets fan.

The Jets aren’t perfect by any means and they’ve still got a long road ahead. But, whatever Jet fan it was who sold his soul to the devil for a smash-mouth coach and a promising young quarterback, I just have to say one thing. Thanks, Man. You’ve got my back.

On the other hand, at one point during the game while checking out the scores of other games, the Professor leaned over and asked, "Are you still supporting the Cleveland Browns?" Uh, no.

Now, if I were still fervently supporting His Holiness, I would have found the following very, very exciting...

But I will not get sucked back in...

(oh you know I will. but I'm really, really trying...)


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